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Skinners Farm Footbridge replacement update

Pleased to say that the contract has been awarded for the Skinners Farm Footbridge Fortescue Sidmouth replacement, which is to be completed in the 2022/23 financial year. The contractor is MacPlant Construction Ltd and the works are looking likely to commence on site in the first week of May.

Due to the Environment Agency’s fisheries embargo, we will not be able to complete any in-water works before 31st May. The planned construction completion is late October.

During the works we will be installing a temporary footbridge downstream of the existing bridge and will maintain foot access throughout the works. With the landowners permission, the site compound will be situated in a field adjacent to the bridge and construction access down the lane from Fortescue Road.

Due to the difficult access and tight junction from Fortescue Road down to the bridge, we have blanket booked a road closure period to allow up to 10 days of closures for the purpose of deliveries. Details of the closure period are on One.Network.

In practice, this is likely to only be around 3 days for the delivery of the new bridge and access to lift the new bridge in place. We will have signage in place at least 7 days in advanced of each closure.

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Stefan Drew
Stefan Drew
Jul 22, 2022

Why is a new bridge needed? The previous one needed some maintenance but appeared in good general condition otherwise.

Jul 22, 2022
Replying to

Suggest you ask the local residents of Fortescue and the bridge engineers who carried out the initial inspection

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