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Highest Ever Highways Budget Delivered

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Despite bare faced lies being banded around by certain individuals I can confirm and the information is available from Devon

County Council that:-

The financial year 2020/21 saw Devon County Council deliver its largest ever capital Highways budget of £74m. This was a real challenge, not only in scale but also due to the relatively late announcement of the increase limiting the time to effective plan. The pandemic certainly impacted the first two months of the financial year leaving us a reduced window in which to deliver the planned works.

Two stretches of the A375 into Sidmouth between Sidford Cross and Malden Lane and Vicarage Road/Radway are included in the present 21/22 financial years budget.

These were originally planned for February however on closer inspection engineers found that the sub structure was almost non existent and that trial pits would be required to determine what work was now required.

It is looking as though Geogrids will be laid as part of the reconstruction.

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