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Higher Woolbrook Park Sidmouth Re-Surfacing Work Explained

Higher Woolbrook Park has been used as a trial site and I worked extremely hard to get this for the residents.

The road is like many residential roads around Sidmouth that were made up of concrete sections when the estate was built.

Several years later a thin layer of tarmac was laid to make the road look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Over the last few years some of this tarmac surface has started to peel away from the concrete and the road has developed a similar concrete cancer as was found in multi storey car parks and shallow defects appeared (potholes) these in places started to get larger and I called for them to be filled…….however there wasn’t a material that the County Council used that was suitable and our Materials Lab carried out many hours of tests on different substitute materials to see if any would work.

Finally working with one of our contractors we believe to have found the solution…..and Higher Woolbrook Park has undergone the first stage of a two stage process by carrying out patching works to the affected areas……………..

This now has to be left for up to 12 months to allow the work to oxidise, Then as long as the work carried out hasn’t failed the second stage of micro asphalt will be applied.

Unfortunately we can’t carry out the second stage any sooner because if we do and the first stage starts to fail through not giving time to oxidise then we would have to remove all the dressing and that would be extremely costly.

We’ve got to get this right and if successful the process can be rolled out to the other concrete road sites that are starting to also show the signs that have been seen at Higher Woolbrook Park.

Shall keep updated.

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