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Heatwave Tips

As Devon is set for a mini heat wave, here's how to beat the heat at night.

Before you head off to bed, jump in the shower and get some cool water running. This will reduce the temperature of your skin that will allow you to feel cooler before you drift off to sleep.

If you can’t hop in shower, a shortcut is to run your wrists under a cold tap, as this is a good way to cool your blood circulation quickly.

Avoid exercising before you go to bed, as this will increase your temperature.

Make sure you’re not trying to sleep with your winter bedding weighing you down. Swap it out for lightweight, cotton blankets.

Avoid having a big meal (especially spicy food) before bed - if you eat a heavy meal late at night, your body is going to keep you awake longer as it tries to process it.

Opt for cotton pyjamas to sleep in wearing cold wet socks, or damp t-shirt to bed.

If it feels like nothing else it working, why not try moving to a bed downstairs for the night?

Hot air rises, so you’re more likely to find a cooler place to rest your head in a lower, downstairs area rather than a bedroom at the top of the house.

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