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Camera Survey Work ahead of Major Resurfacing Scheme

Survey work will be carried out on highway drainage under the A375 in Sidmouth from Monday (6 September).

Devon County Council will be inspecting the condition of drainage pipes using specialist CCTV cameras over the next two weeks.

Investigations will be undertaken on Sidford Road from Monday (6 Sept) to Wednesday (8 September) before moving on to Temple Street, Vicarage Road, High Street and Fore Street from Thursday 9 Sept to Friday 17 Sept.

Temporary traffic lights will be in place while the majority of work is carried out during the daytime from 6am-7.30am and then 9:30am-3:30pm. However there will be an overnight closure of Fore Street on Sunday 12 September from 7pm until 6am the following morning, and night-time work in High Street and Fore Street on the evenings of Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 September, when temporary traffic lights will be in place from 7pm-6am.

The survey work is being undertaken ahead of a proposed major resurfacing scheme on the A375 in Sidmouth, from Temple Gardens to the Esplanade, which is being planned for early next year.

“With such a major reconstruction taking place next year it’s important that we carry out surveys of the drainage pipes so that we can plan ahead and any replacements required can be carried out as part of the scheme enabling the work to be carried out as quickly and as smoothly as possible ”

Contractor Exjet will be carrying out the work on behalf of Devon County Council.

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