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Ash Dieback Work Station Road Sidmouth

Work commences tomorrow 18th until the 21st March and again on 29th March to remove some large ash trees adjacent to Station Road which unfortunately are diseased with Ash Dieback and present a potential hazard to the public.

In best attempts to limit the disruption to local residents and road users, the contractors are arranging the works to coincide with the current road closure already in place by R&M Utilities working on behalf of South West Water.

The tree removal works require a crane to enable the trees to be safely dismantled. When the crane is in situ unfortunately there will be no vehicle access past it for residents. By planning the work with R&M Utilities means that vehicle access is possible from one direction most of the time for residents.

Access for pedestrians will also be restricted for public safety and anyone needing essential pedestrian access will be asked to wait at the barriers to be escorted through the site as and when it is safe to do so.

Work is subject to favourable weather conditions.

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