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Adevertisers Have Got Bus Shelters Covered

Now here’s a subject that keeps cropping up from time to time. Provision or the replacement of bus shelters.

It wasn’t that long ago when a tri party agreement was in place with the Town or Parish and relevant District Council to provide a third of the cost of new or replacement shelters, however it is unfortunate that this appears to have fallen by the way side and whilst there are a few parishes that have precepted within their budget setting a sum of money for shelters, sadly this isn’t the norm and therefore we as the County Council rely on companies such as Fernbank who pay for the installation and shelter by selling advertising.

Recently Fernbank have been busy behind the scenes developing and building their own shelter in house. They are starting their first build this month with their new shelters and all being well they can start installing them in all locations that the County Council need them to go. Of course like most things It’s been a slowed down process as their advertising revenue has been hit by the COVID situation but let’s hope that they are able to reach more sites in 2021. I certainly have been pushing for many sites around Sidmouth such as Yardehill, Sidford Road, Woolbrook Road & Stowford Rise.

For any Parish or Town Council wishing to go down the wooden structure shelter route then you’ll be looking at around £5,000 from companies such as Littlethorpe, however the groundworks required could cost another £3,000 and you would also be required to maintain the shelter.

Whilst on the buses topic I often receive requests for increased services to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, and one route in particular which covers a huge swathe of the East Devon A3052 corridor and which used to be served by an hourly service from First Bus X53 Jurassic Coast Link, but sadly due to its demise there is now only one Axe Valley Bus service from Seaton covering this route.

I have recently made further representations to Stagecoach through our Transport Co-ordination Team at County Hall to see if they can provide or divert their 9A service to take in the RD&E and to also divert around Stowford Rise to the Beacon Medical Centre at Sidmouth.

Here’s hoping for a favourable reply.

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