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EV Chargers in East Devon Car Parks nothing to do with Devon County Council

I noticed that there has been several reports in the media about the EV charge points that have been installed in East Devon Car Parks specifically in Roxburgh Car Park in Sidmouth, Dolphin St Car Park in Colyton, West Street Car Park in Axminster and Central Car Park in Beer and that they’re only able to charge some EV vehicles….. Despite what’s said these charger installations have nothing whatsoever to do with Devon County Council and ….. Whilst it’s an East Devon scheme, these charge posts are accessible by the majority of EV vehicles. The only vehicles that can’t use them are older Nissan and Mitsubishi, which use the ‘Betamax’ socket called Chademo. It’s being phased out, and the latest Nissan Leaf uses the new socket type which is called CCS. So I presume that it’s local residents with old Nissans or Mitsubishis who aren’t able to use the posts?

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