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Updated: May 10, 2022

A further update on the new Eco Living 'Sedum' bus shelters that I’ve been working on securing for Sidmouth with our County Council's Transport Co-ordination team along with Fernbank who having completed their survey of existing shelters and submitted orders for there production have now had them delivered and subject to getting the necessary agreements from highways for road space to remove the old and replace with the new, work should be commencing soon.

Those being replaced under phase 1 will be:-

The two wooden shelters which are in poor state of repair at Three Cornered Plot (Triangle) Stop B & Stop C these replaced with 3 bay Living Roof Shelters.

Sidford Road inbound, adjacent Coulsdon Road/opposite Yarde Hill Orchard, which is also in a very poor state of repair, 3 bay Eco Living Roof Shelter.

Sidford Road inbound, adjacent to Drakes Avenue (outside Lockyer Lodge) A375 which is in a very poor state of repair, and replaced with a 3 bay advertising parallel Eco Half Living Roof shelter.

Sidford Road A375 outbound, Nr Manstone Mead. This is the shelter that is damaged on one of its bottom panel and is also in a very poor state of repair, replace with a 3 bay advertising Eco Living Roof Shelter.

Stowford Rise Beacon Medical Centre the present shelter is in a poor state of repair and will be replaced with a 3 bay Eco Living Roof Shelter.

There is also one additional 3 bay Eco Living Roof Shelter being provided on the A3052 near the junction with Core Hill Road.

Once installed the plant trays will be put in after that separately.

The 'New' Sedum bus shelters which are to be installed are constructed of recycled material and the living sedum roof attracts bees and other pollinators when the plants are in flower.

'These shelters will tick ✔️ the environmental agenda boxes in not only providing shelter for passengers and encouraging more bus patronage but also attracting and encouraging pollinators through the living roofs'

Fernbank will require a new shelter sized roof (thinner roof) to fit onto some of the narrow footways going forward, in some of their other proposed locations.

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