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Work to upgrade almost 40 streetlights along Sidmouth seafront is underway.

The streetlights along the Esplanade were fitted in 2004 to replace the old wooden columns and the lighting columns themselves are unique to Sidmouth, being made specifically for the town.

We will be replacing the lights with more energy efficient LED lights as part of our countywide programme of streetlighting upgrades which is reducing the authority’s carbon emissions and energy bills.

The same company that manufactured the lanterns 18 years ago has designed and manufactured the new LED versions of the lanterns, as the existing structures could not easily be retro-fitted.

The new lanterns will be connected to our central system which provides greater monitoring and control of the streetlights, such as remote operation and dimming.

The lighting columns will also be repainted, funded through our Highway Community Enhancement Fund.

“The lights along the esplanade need to be upgraded to be more energy efficient as we look to meet carbon reduction targets in Devon. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as just replacing a bulb but we wanted to make sure we retain the unique style of the existing lanterns rather than changing them completely. I’m pleased that these replacement lights tick all of the boxes and the columns are also getting a fresh lick of paint, which will give the Esplanade a real lift.”

The upgrade scheme, which will be carried out by our streetlighting contractor Enerveo, is weather dependant and is expected to take up to three weeks.

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