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Winter Service 20/21 A Cold Snap Shot

As the temperature is just starting to show signs of slowly rising, and having seen the greatest number of road treatments in April since 2013 we are coming to the end of a winter that from our road treatment statistics ranks as the third worst winter in the past decade (the worse two being 2012/13 and 2017/18). Whist we have seen some snow this winter, its disruptive effect was limited to the high ground on Dartmoor and was short-lived. Devons first winter action was on 3rd November, but the winter weather did not really start until 25th November and certainly hit with vengeance from Christmas Eve until early March, refusing to completely let go through much of April.

For those that like some statistics.

220,000 km of road salted by 3023 route drivers

· Dartmoor was treated the most on 120 occasions

· Exmouth was treated the least on just 58 occasions

· Over 18,000 tonnes of salt were used (twice that used in each of the last two years)

· Lowest road temperature -7.2°C on Dartmoor on 31st December.

· About 7cm of snow fell on Dartmoor on 4th December.

· 10 nights with roads below -5°C

· Some secondary routes treated on 5 occasions

· 27 requests for salt were received over the past winter delivering 42 tonnes. In addition, 462 requests to refill or repair salt bins were attended to by our contractor.

This year sees us celebrating 10 years of the Snow Wardens Scheme; a scheme that without committed volunteers , would fail to complement our winter service. Without their support over the winter period there could be a significant impact on the network; effecting local communities, vulnerable people and the economy.

Stay Safe and Stay Resilient

Stuart Hughes CC

Cabinet member for Highway Management

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