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Storm Barra set to bring 80mph Winds

Devon is expecting another battering from the latest named storm from tomorrow (Tuesday 7 December)

Storm Barra is forecast to bring gale force winds, particularly in coastal areas, from 9am tomorrow until 6pm on Wednesday.

The Met Office has issued a Yellow Severe Weather Warning for windy conditions throughout the next couple of days, with winds of up to 80mph in exposed coastal areas and up to 60mph inland.

Devon County Council’s gritting fleet will also be out on most of the county’s main gritting routes overnight tonight as road surface temperatures are set to drop below freezing in some areas.

People are being advised to take extra care when outdoors and the combination of wind and long spells of rain could make conditions difficult for anyone travelling on the county’s roads.

“We saw the damage that Storm Arwen brought recently with a number of trees down across the county and Storm Barra looks like it has the potential to have a similar impact. The forecast windspeeds are extremely high and coastal areas really could bear the brunt of it. Please take extra care over the next couple of days if you're out and about. If you're travelling on Devon's roads please plan ahead and allow extra time for your journey and drive according to conditions."

Devon County Council is reminding people of the following advice:

• Avoid overnight travel unless absolutely essential as roads will always be more hazardous at night with poorer visibility;

• Be alert to fallen trees and branches, particularly on minor roads where they may not have been reported;

• Consider if your journey is essential and be alert to weather warnings;

• Never drive through floodwater or swollen flowing water, you don’t know how deep it is. Find an alternative route;

• Allow additional time for your journey;

• Reduce your speed and leave more space between you and the vehicle in front and leave plenty of room if you’re overtaking;

• Drive with care and according to the conditions.

• If you are reporting an emergency that requires immediate attention, please call Devon County Council on 0345 155 1004. (An emergency on the highway is defined as something that is very likely to present an imminent threat to life or serious injury or serious damage to property).

• Alternatively, you can report trees down and other hazards on the Report a Problem page.

For more information and winter travel advice visit our winter travel webpages or for updates on Twitter follow @DevonAlert

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