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Making a Difference

Ladies and Gentlemen. For the past 30 years I have been honoured by your support in working for the Sidmouth Sidford Ward/Division on Devon County Council.

I believe that over those years the record shows the results achieved on your behalf on a wide range of issues. I have always sought to stand up for what is right for both the individual and for the wider community and have always listened to the opinions of LOCAL residents.

I pledge to devote myself to making sure that all the people in this community continue to have the representation they so rightly deserve and I am always available should you wish to raise an issue with me.

I am respectfully yours




Make sure you check out the online version of  'HUGHES NEWS' which many of you have received through your letter boxes. Unlike the hard copy which concentrates on areas of the division/ward, the online version will cover all of the Sidmouth Sidford electoral division/ward and will be regularly updated on issues that I have been working on in and around the area.You can also subscribe to a hard copy of the latest Newsletter by clicking link


102 Temple St, Sidmouth EX10 9BJ, UK

07725 708891

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